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Festivals and Events on Madeira

Madeira is frequented by tourists not just because of all the scenic attractions but also because of the festivities and events which make the place even more boisterous and enthralling. The rich culture of this island is the main reason why people are also very enthused when it comes to celebrations. Local inhabitants sure know how to have fun because during festivals, every corner of the island is fully decorated and the streets line up with numerous types of entertainment.   

Interestingly the list of Madeira festivals did not miss a single month. For every single month, there is always something to celebrate
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An overview of Festivals and Events on Madeira

  • Madeira Flower Festival—This is one of the events which really attracts a lot of tourists. It happens every spring which is a celebration of new opportunities and better life. This festivity involves a parade of floats which makes the streets of Funchal very lively.
  • Carnival—Madeira also participates in the Carnival Festival every February. This is known to be one of the biggest in Europe. In Funchal, it is celebrated by having two parades.
  • Festa de Cebola or Onion Festival—This is almost like a ceremony for the farmers because it commemorates their effort in toiling the land and ensuring a good crop. Aside from the traditional music that fills the air, the farmers usually showcase boxes of onions which they grew. The tractors and other farm equipments are also used for the parade but not before these are adorned using onions.
  • Atlantic Festival—This is held every month of June. It is composed of three smaller events. First, is the fireworks competition which brightens the skies every Saturday of the entire month. Second, is the scheduled performance of the philharmonic bands. Third, is the Madeira Music Festival.
  • Festa dos Santos Populares or Festival of the Popular Saints—This is celebrated in honor of the three saints—Santo António, São João and São Pedro. It involves parades, music and food stalls in Funchal.
  • Madeira Gourmet Festival—To celebrate the bountiful resources within the island, this festivity is held to enable locals and visitors to mingle and have fun. Aside from the gastronomic delight that this festivity brings, it is also the time when some of the most popular chefs drop by to join the celebration.
  • Madeira Wine Festival—Since people take pride in the fine wine that they make locally, there is also a festivity which is dedicated for the Madeira wine. It is held during September when the harvesting of grapes is also being done. There is a parade which is participated by both locals and tourists. Aside from that, there are also scheduled performances. It is both a celebration of gratitude for a good harvest and it marks the start of processing the wine.
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve—The celebration for Christmas and New Year lasts for weeks. The homes are decorated with brightly colored holiday accents and even business and government establishments participate in the beautification of facades. There is caroling all around and fireworks brighten the evening before the New Year’s Day arrives.
  • Cantar os Reis or Singing of the Kings—This is held on the 12th day after Christmas. It involves a lot of singing in the streets of Funchal. Traditionally, the troupes are the ones who sing carols from one home to another, but today, there are numerous performers who participate in this celebration.


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