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Golf Holidays on Madeira

In Madeira and Porto Santo one can enjoy golfing. Madeira has two famous golf courses and Porto Santo one. On this page you can read more about golfing in Madeira and Porto Santo. There are several golf trips and tour operators who offer golf holidays to Madeira.

Spending holidays in Madeira is fun not just for people who love the ocean or those who aim to explore the forests. This is also a sanctuary for golfers. Yes, there is no better place to experience a relaxing golf game other than this island. The perfect, sunny weather, combined with the intricately shaped landscape are the reasons why a lot of people go here to play golf. To top it all off, this island also has world-class golf courses.

Arranging the Holiday Details

If one is decided to spend some time in Madeira, this entails arranging all important details like flight, car hire, hotel accommodations and tours. For those who aim to enjoy their favorite sport in this island, which is golfing, it is best to ensure that the right airport and hotel would be picked.   

There are travel agencies and tour companies which can handle all aspects of the golfing holiday in Madeira. They will give advice about the right airport to land in—whether it is the Madeira Airport in Funchal or Porto Santo Airport. They can also recommend some hotels which are close to the preferred golf course.  

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For people who would like to enjoy their favorite sport in Golf do Santo da Serra, among the popular hotels to stay in are the A Quinta Machico and Quinta Santo Antonio da Serra. Since the Palheiro Golf Course is also a popular destination for avid golfers, there are many accommodations which are close to it such as, Casa Velha Do Palheiro, Fonte do Mar, Choupana Hills Resort and Spa and Dom Pedro Garajau. To make Porto Santo Golfe easily accessible, tourists can stay at Paraiso Dourado, Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort and Spa and Hotel Torre Praia.

Getting Cheap Golf Holiday Packages

The best way to get cheap deals for people who would like to spend a golfing holiday in Madeira is to search for them via the internet. Some packages are tailored specifically for people who aim to play golf in this island. This means that the hotel which is included in the package is affiliated with the golf course. They can provide transfer from the hotel and then back. Sometimes, the hotel also gives discounted rates if the client would play in their affiliate golf course or vice-versa.  

There are plenty of discounted Madeira golf holiday packages online. Some are reduced in price because these are last minute deals. It means that the flight booking is very soon so the company is selling the package for a low price. If there is enough time, early booking can also result to lower rates. Usually, hotels and travel companies give discounts to clients who finalize the deals at least 6 months ahead.  

Madeira Golf Courses

Golf do Santo da Serra is located 500 meters above Machico. Because of that, golfers do not only get to enjoy the cooler temperature here but they can also enjoy a spectacular view that surrounds them. Among the golf courses in Madeira, this is the one that is a bit more popular. It is because the annual golfing even called Madeira Islands Open is held here. Since it hosts such a prestigious event, this golf course is carefully maintained, ensuring that the practice range, pro store and other facilities are always in tip-top condition.

The Palheiro Golf Course which was designed by Cabell Robinson started to operate in 1993. Today, this is among the most preferred destination of golfers because it has an amazing landscape and the horizon opens up a spectacular view. Because it is situated 500 meters above sea level, this gives a jaw dropping view of Funchal.

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The most prestigious among all golf courses is Porto Santo Golfe. This is because the design was made by a golf champion, Severiano Ballesteros. It is a good spot for individuals who are looking for a more challenging golf game because the course has several water hazards which can make the game even more exciting.


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