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Holidays in Madeira

Holidays in Madeira are a whole lot more fun if everything goes well. There is no other way to ensure that every single minute that is spent on this island would be wonderful other than to plan ahead of time. Contrary to what others think, organizing the details for the holiday would not really spoil the fun. Yes, spontaneity can lead to wonderful memories but careful planning is the sure fire way to maximize one’s stay in Madeira.

Madeira is a versatile island where you can enjoy different kinds of holidays. There are several reliable online travel agencies that offer complete packages (flight and hotel or apartment) to Madeira. There are several agents specialized in trips to Madeira. Why not try a walking holiday, a golfing holiday, or just book a relaxing beach holiday….

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Right Time to Go

The great thing about Madeira is that there is never a bad time to go to this island. All year round, the weather is friendly. During the summer months, the highest recorded temperature does not go beyond 24 °C. On the other hand, during the winter months, it does not get cooler than 19 °C in this island. There is not much rainfall either so exploring the outdoors is always an option.

Package holidays to Madeira could be a little difficult to find during the month of August, December and January. These are considered as the peak season so accommodation rates, tour fees and car hire services can be a tad more costly. For people who are travelling to Madeira on a shoestring budget, it is best to stay clear from those months so that the funds can be stretched further.    

Adventures in Madeira

The summer months in Madeira which is from June to September is usually the most ideal time to visit this island. The weather may be a little warmer but this is the perfect time to go whale watching, go swimming with the dolphins, experience surfing, boat riding, trekking and other outdoor activities that can be done in this island. There are Madeira package holidays which include accommodation, car hire and some of the outdoor activities. The all-in packages from some travel companies really cover for all the services that tourists could need during their stay, from hotel to tours. This may be a good way to cut the costs.

Accommodation for Madeira Holidays

The available accommodations in Madeira range from more affordable holiday homes to luxurious hotel rooms. Funchal is the main city and it is also where some of the best hotels can be easily spotted. Just within the city, there are almost 100 different hotels and among the more popular ones are the Quinta Jardins do Lago, Quintinha Sao Joao and Hotel Albergaria Dias. For tourists who would like to stay away from the city for a while, there are also guest houses and accommodations along the beaches. For example, in Porto Bay there is Porto Mare Hotel, Riu Palace Madeira in Canico and Albatroz Beach and Yacht Club in Santa Cruz. Since Madeira is quickly becoming a very popular holiday destination, there are plenty of available accommodations all around the archipelago.

Cheap Holidays Madeira

The key in getting cheap rates is booking early. Hotels, tour companies and even car hire services usually give their customers a significant amount of discount for early booking. Aside from that, if in case there is price adjustments on the following months, those who closed the deals earlier would no longer be affected by this.

Searching online for holidays to Madeira is also a good way to find cheap deals. Usually, there are last minute offers as well. Travel agencies and tour companies usually advertise their promo packages online too.  

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