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Holiday Rentals on Madeira

You can find a lot holiday rentals in Madeira. You will find in Madeira luxury villas, traditional casas and quintas and apartments. Both in the more touristic areas and in remote parts of Madeira, you can find a holiday rentals. Some homes are located in the countryside or rural areas,  other in idyllic mountain villages with stunning views or directly on the coast.

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Home Away

Since having a comfortable and peaceful place to stay in during the holiday in Madeira is important, why not consider getting the best accommodation that would work with the budget? Yes, there are plenty of hotels to choose from in this island. Some are quaint inns while others are luxurious resorts. However, when it comes to comfort and tranquility, nothing beats booking for a holiday home.

There are holiday apartments in Madeira which can be rented so that it will become the home away from home. These can be occupied for a couple of nights or longer. Usually, those who rent such accommodation are people who would like to bring the entire family with them. That way, they could all be in a single residence during the trip.

Holiday villas in Madeira would also be perfect for a romantic getaway. This will give the privacy that the guests need. Others just avail such accommodation so they can be alone with their thoughts and be liberated from the hustle and bustle of life for a while.  

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Holiday Rental Location

For those who would like to say close to the city, there are also lots of holiday rental options within Funchal. Some of the most preferred include the Monumental Green Park, Quinta de Falesia, Sao Paulo Villa and Atlantic Gardens. If one wants to stay away from the city’s busy streets during the holidays, there are also accommodations in other locations. For example, there is Portugal Country House in Santana, Bando do Sol in Calheta, Portugal Penthouse in Canico de Baixo and those are just to mention a few. Whether it is Camara de Lobos, Machico, Porto Moniz or Sao Vicente, there are plenty of holiday villas in Madeira that one can choose from.

Porto Santo is also one of the places which are frequented by tourists. Hence, this place offers numerous holiday rentals. Apartments which are close to the beach and are separately fenced are ideal for people who want more privacy. The rent usually starts at £40 per night. For a more posh place to stay, there are also villas which could accommodate the entire family. The rental for such places can be arranged for the entire week which surmounts to a few hundred, depending on the villa size and its proximity to the beach. There are also popular hotels in Porto Santo like the Porto Santo Hotel and Spa, Paraiso Dourado, Hotel Vila Baleira Thalassa and a whole lot of other options.

Price Range

The price may vary a lot depending on the location, quality of the living space, the view outside and the number of occupants. Some of the villas can cost as low as £300 per week, though this is just the starting price. Others which are more spacious and have more facilities could surmount to more than a thousand for the entire week.

It is best to disclose all details with the administrator of the villa before asking for quotations. For example, tell him/her how many rooms will be used, which facilities are needed, number of occupants, number of children and if there will be pets. Some villas allow pets to be brought along so long as their owners would be responsible for them, while others do not. Ask for the exact quotation from various holiday rentals. Then, compare them side by side to see which one will work perfectly.


The main difference of holiday villas is that there is more privacy. Unlike in hotels, guests do not have to share lobby, dining areas and other living spaces with the other people. The villa would literally be more like a home during the entire stay in Madeira.  

Usually, villas are also designed with facilities like swimming pool and mini-gym. Guests can also choose the number of rooms that they need for the villa. Some villas can provide a maximum of 2 bedrooms. On the other hand, there are bigger ones which have up to 4 bedrooms.

There are also bed and breakfast in Madeira which can be perfect for people who want the ultimate relaxation. Accommodations such as this can also provide meals for their guests.

You will find all kinds of holiday rentals on Porto Santo. This holiday villa lies in the village of Camacha.

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