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Hotels in Madeira

When spending some time in the wonderful island of Madeira, it is important to find a comfortable place to stay in. Of course, it is important to stay within the budget too. The good thing is that Madeira offers numerous options when it comes to accommodation. Tourists would certainly be able to find the one which will be their home away from home.

Since Madeira is being developed as a tourist hotspot and visitors flock to this island all year round, entrepreneurs and the government work hand in hand to construct more hotels and holiday homes. Hence, even during the peak season, there are still plenty of choices for visitors.

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Location of Hotels Madeira

Funchal, which is the main city in Madeira, is the spot where most of the hotels are found. From low budget hotels to luxurious hotels, this is the place to find the most comfortable one that would fit within the budget.   

Among the more high-end hotels in Funchal are Enotel Lido Madeira, Charming Hotels-Quinta do Estreito, Quinta Jardins do Lago, and Hotel Royal Savoy. One night in these hotels may be quite costly but the rooms and other facilities are tailored to give the comfort and luxury that their customers deserve. For those who are on a tighter budget, there are also pocket-friendly accommodations which could be very comfortable. The list includes Hotel Baia Azul, Hotel Alto Lido, Dorisol Estrelicia Hotel, Quinta Perestrello Heritage Hotel and plenty of other options.       

People do not have to limit themselves to stay within the city of Funchal if they visit Madeira. There are also numerous accommodations in other places such as Machico, Santana and Calheta. Municipalities such as Santa Cruz and Porto Santo also offer a lot of hotels and inns. These are the ones which are frequented by tourists who would like to enjoy the beaches of Madeira. In places like Ilhas Desertas and Ilhas Selvagem, tourists should not expect to find any accommodations since these are protected nature areas.      

Price for Hotels

Yes, the price for the hotels may vary a lot. Usually, the ones that are closer to the city are more expensive. Three star hotels can range from £50 a night up to £100. For those who have the money to splurge on accommodations, there are lavish options which could cost from £160 up to £400 a night.

For Madeira locations which are outside the city, the hotels which are near the beaches can be more expensive too. Aside from that, the rooms which open up to a spectacular view can also be a bit more costly.  

During the peak season, hotels usually increase their rates. This can be experience during the month of August, December and January.

Booking Hotels

Arranging accommodation details via the internet is a convenient solution. That way, even before the arrival in Madeira, the rooms are already waiting for the guests. Doing this will save one from a lot of hassle.  

Online hotel booking is also a good opportunity to check out some reviews. This is important especially for those who are visiting Madeira for the first time. That way, it is easier to choose which hotel would satisfy one’s standards. It is necessary to scrutinize the facilities and other amenities of the hotels too. Some may seem more expensive but these can be cost-efficient options because of the free facilities and services such as spa, gym, laundry service, wireless internet access, baby-sitting services and others.   

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