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Holiday and Hotels on Porto Santo

Porto Santo is about 43 kilometers away from the center of Madeira. This holiday destination is one of the most popular options within the Madeira archipelago. Spending the holidays in Porto Santo means allotting a lot of time for basking under the sun and doing outdoor activities. It is impossible to resist the glistening water and splashing waves of the beach. The shore is also enticing with its gleaming sand and peaceful surroundings. For those who are a little more adventurous, they can also go surfing. There is also the Porto Santo Golf Course which has top-of the line facilities for the golfers.

There are so many activities which can be done right in Porto Santo. For most visitors, they often find themselves wanting to go back to this place because they feel that there are a lot of other things which they were not able to do.

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Porto Santo Beaches

Interestingly, the sand along the Porto Santo beach is known to have therapeutic effects. Some people would lie down on the glorious sand for hours, believing that it would cure their body pains, particularly arthritis. Though this was never scientifically proven, it would never hurt to try it out. Afterall, it is also an opportunity to get a good tan.

The long beach of Porto Santo is divided into different parts. Pendo Beach and Calheto Beach are known for its cleanliness. These sections are less crowded so it is ideal for those who want to find their refuge to clear their head. For those who would like to party close to the beach during the night, the Cabeco Beach is the place to be. Swimming is ideally done in Fontinha Beach because the waves are calmer. For those who want to spend the holiday with their kids, this location is the most recommended because even the shores are child-friendly. Pedras Pretas is known as the hotspot for those who want to try out some water sports. The water in this area is perfect for jet skiing, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and others. There are also businesses here which provide lectures, day tours, diving equipment and such.  

Hotels Porto Santo

Since this place is also frequented by tourists, the government and private investors have already developed numerous hotels here. For those who have enough money for luxurious accommodation, they can go to hotels like the Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort and Spa. If it is necessary to limit the expenses for accommodation, there is the Praia Dourada Hotel, Inatel Porto Santo and Hotel Porto Santo and Spa.

Porto Santo Package Holidays

Sometimes, having to arrange all the details for the Porto Santo holiday can be quite frustrating. It is necessary to find a nice hotel, book for tours and organize all other details. For people who would not want to go through such a tedious process, getting Porto Santo package holidays is the best choice.

There are tour companies and travel agencies which assemble packages that include pick up from airport, hotel accommodation, tour packages and a ride back to the airport upon departure. Sometimes, even the flight tickets are already included. For those who are visiting Porto Santo for the first time, getting these packages is a smart option. That way, there is no need to worry about the details of the trip.   

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