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Fly to Madeira

Taking a plane is the fastest and most convenient way to reach this island. Yes, there are other options but if time is limited, then it is best not to waste it by spending so many hours on travelling. The faster one could get to this beautiful archipelago, the sooner that he/she could start having fun.

From the UK you can fly with Monarch Flights to Madeira from Birmingham and London Gatwick.

You can also use Skyscanner and search and compare airlines and tickets online.

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Madeira Airports

Before booking for flight tickets, it is best to determine first which airline is the nearest to the preferred destination. It is amazing that visitors of Madeira have two airports to choose from if they want to explore this island.

The modern Madeira International Airport is located the city in Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz (9 miles from Funchal). This is the best pick for those who would like to get to the main city called Funchal. This primary airport is called Madeira Airport but sometimes, it is also referred to as Funchal Airport. Most European airlines fly directly to Madeira.  In approximately 4 hours you fly to Madeira from the UK and you fly in 1,5 hour from Lisbon (Portugal) to Madeira. There are no direct flights available between the United States and Madeira. Though, if you are traveling from the US to Madeira you can easily fly to Lisbon and fly to Madeira from there.

The second airport is in Porto Santo. This is called as the Porto Santo Airport. The number of flights and destinations which this can handle may not be at par with that of Madeira Airport but tourists can also arrange for connecting flight to this airport, depending on their chosen airline company.

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Airlines Madeira

There are numerous airline companies which fly to Madeira. Of course, some may be cheaper while others are far more expensive. For example, in Porto Santo Airport, there is Jetairfly from Brussels, Enter Air from Paris, Thomson Airways from Manchester and those are just to mention a few. There are much more airline companies which operate in Madeira Airport. The list includes Travel Service Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Monarch, Luxair, Europe Airpost, Condor and others.

Madeira Tickets

Getting tickets for flight to Madeira is way too easy these days. A few years back, it was still necessary to find a trustworthy agency and go to their office branch just to book for a flight. Today, most of the travel agencies already have online booking facilities.

It is a smart thing to look for flight offers via the internet. It is easier to check rates and fees online. All it takes is specifying the date of travel, number of passengers and other information which will be needed so that the site could calculate for the total costs. Websites of travel agencies will also make it easy to know if there are still available seats for the desired date for arrival and departure. Hence, online search will make it hassle-free to book for a flight.

Cheap Deals

When searching online for Madeira flight, it is common to see offers such as ‘last minute deals’ and ‘early bird booking’. What exactly does this mean? These are great opportunities for customers to be able to go to Madeira while spending less. Travel agencies usually give discounts to their customers if they book ahead, hence, the early bird booking. This is a typical promotional technique so they can attract more customers. On the other hand, last minute deals are given by companies if they have not filled a certain scheduled flight yet. They lower the fees so that people would grab the offers.

When faced with such an offer, it is best to compare the offers from different companies first. Ask for exact quotations and ensure that there are no hidden fees so that the allocated budget for the Madeira trip would be maximized.   

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