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New Year's Eve on Madeira

Madeira is one of the best places on this planet to spend the New Year’s Eve. This is a night of merry-making which is best celebrated with family and friends. For a spectacular experience which will bring fun to people of all ages, this island is the perfect destination. It has the beautiful landscape which will serve as the backdrop for the festive night. Plus, there are also fun activities which will keep everyone entertained.

Watching the Fireworks on Madeira

The fireworks show on New Year’s Eve is a major spectacle in Madeira. The island locals and the business establishments here all devote a lot of effort in making sure that the night would be exploding with fun and the dark sky would be brightly lit by numerous synchronized fireworks display.

The best spot to watch the fireworks show is close to the Funchal Bay. On this special night, the bay area is chosen as the location where the fireworks show is held. It is because the horizon is not obstructed and people can clearly see every single sparkle.

The main attraction usually lasts for ten minutes. This involves successive display of fireworks which are created to shower the sky with various glistening colors. The government contributes in funding the fireworks display. There are also businesses and companies which sometimes sponsor the event.  


The hotels which are close to Funchal Bay usually prepare special offers for their customers on New Year’s Eve. Often, the accommodations already include dinner, snacks and champagne. That way, their customers can join in the celebration for the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. There are also hotels which offer boat rides so that people can enjoy the lights show from a distance while spending some relaxing time in a boat.

For those who want to visit Madeira, especially Funchal, on New Year’s Eve, it has to be noted that rates for accommodation and car hire may be a little more expensive. The peak seasons mean higher demand for such services so the fees may go higher too. To be able to avoid such payment increase, early booking is the solution. If the hotel accommodation and other services have been arranged a few months before the New Year’s Eve, customers might still be able to get the normal rates.

Holiday Fun in Madeira

Yes, the New Year’s Eve is the highlight in Madeira but the weeks before and after this is also filled with so many fun activities. During Christmas, the streets of Madeira are filled with caroling, entertainment and the surroundings are in a festive mood. Then, on the 12th day after Christmas, locals in Madeira also have a special celebration which involves entertainment on the streets.  

This season is also the perfect timing for visitors to do some shopping in Madeira. From Christmas until the first week of January, there are several booths and shops along the streets which sell a wide variety of both local and imported products. It is an opportunity for the entrepreneurs in Madeira to showcase their products like handicrafts, preserved food, agricultural products, house wares and a whole lot of other items. Usually, the shops are open until late night too so visitors would have a lot of opportunities to buy something that they could take home with them.

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