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Walking Holiday Madeira

Madeira is an ideal destination for a wonderful walking holiday. All year round you can walk in Madeira. The Levada walks (narrow irrigation channels) are perfectly suitable for walking and hiking. On this page you will find more information about walking and hiking in Madeira. There are several specialized tour operators who offer walking and hiking in Madeira.

Considering the perfect weather in Madeira, the rich greeneries that cover the island and all the interesting land formations that adorn the surroundings, there is no doubt that this is a perfect place to go for some nature walking.

Madeira has gained a reputation when it comes to being an excellent location for walking, trekking and hiking. Some even go on excursions in groups and explore the deeper parts of the forests. There are others who prefer to visit the caves and conquer the cliffs.

Usually, walking tours in Madeira rely a lot on the levadas. Levadas are not really designed to become pathways for hikers and trekkers. These are canals which were constructed by early settlers of Madeira so that water from the northern part can be distributed to agricultural lands that are on the southern part. Today, the levadas are more than just canals. These also serve as guide for people who are on a walking adventure in Madeira.

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Prepping Up for the Walking Holiday

For people who would like to go for some good hiking, trekking or walking in Madeira, it is best to have the details arranged even before they arrive in the island. There are companies which provide guided tours within Madeira. It is best to get in touch with them and arrange for walk tours. They will provide a guide who will assist the visitors on their path.

When arranging for walk tours in Madeira, be careful in picking the path to take. Some routes are easy to take because the path is clear and there is no need to walk through cliffs and hills. Among the routes which are perfect for beginners are the Rabacal and Nuns’ Valley. The entire tour can take about 3 to 4 hours so tour companies offer only half day services for these spots. For more experienced hikers, they could try out the paths in Ponta de Sao Lourenco or Ribeiro Frio. These paths are a bit more rugged and there are also steep slopes. Following the levada would take tourists to several caves. The path also passes by thick forest.  

Getting Discounted Packages Tips

There are ways on how the expenses for the Madeira walking holiday can be reduced. If the trip involves several individuals, maybe an entire family or a group of friends, it is best to have the booking arranged all at the same time. There are travel companies which offer lower rates for groups. This will automatically slash off the expenses, particularly for the flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

If the decision to go to Madeira to spend the holiday there is instantaneous, then opting for the last minute deals would be a great option. Last minute offers are usually much cheaper. The airline ticket payment and hotels fees are discounted just so the company could fill up their booking. This might not enable the client to choose the date or time of travel and the hotels to stay in but it will surely lead to a lot of savings.

For those who have their heart set on going to Madeira in a few months, it is recommended to book for the airline and the hotel a few months ahead. Usually, when customers pay in full even if their travel date is not anytime soon, travel agencies also provide discounts. It has to be noted though that cancellation for early reservations may involve fees too.   

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