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This website is dedicated to the beautiful island and archipelago Madeira - Pearl of the Atlantic. On this website you can find many useful information about the island, about your trip and stay in Madeira, compare various travel agents, tour operators and much more...

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Madeira Island is a Portuguese archipelago which beautifully lies on the outer region of the European Union. This popular tourist destination continues to lure not just European tourist but also people from various countries across the globe. The captivating landscape of Madeira is the primary reason why this attracts a lot of visitors all year round. It is surrounded by lush green mountains which cascades gently into valleys and seamlessly runs through vineyards. Because it is also a volcanic island, the landscape is made even more interesting because of the volcanic sea pools, scenic trails and caves.

Madeira lies approximately 310 miles north of the Canary Islands and about 370 miles west of Morocco. Madeira, together with the island of Porto Santo ("holy port"), the Ilhas Desertas ("deserted islands") and Ilhas Selvagens ("wild islands") form the archipelago of Madeira, is an autonomous region of Portugal. The capital of Madeira is Funchal. Madeira is with 309 sq mi the biggest island and has approximately 270,000 inhabitants. Porto Santo has about 4000 inhabitants. The Ilhas Desertas and Ilhas Selvagens are uninhabited.

Madeira's climate is mild, with warm summers and mild winters. Although Madeira offers much beauty each season the best time to travel to Madeira is between April and October. Madeira is a volcanic island of origin and is therefore mountainous (the highest mountain is about 6100 ft). Madeira has many forests (Madeira means “wood”) and is a colorful island. Madeira is known as the "flower island" because of the many exotic flowers that bloom there. Thera hardly any sandy beaches in Madeira. For a sandy beach you should visit the nearby island of Porto Santo. Madeira is also well known as hiking destination. The irrigation channels (levadas) that run across the island are beautiful natural trails. Of course, an island offers many water sports such as diving, snorkeling, surfing and sailing. Madeira also has many intereresting cultural highlights and the many authentic villages.

Highlights Madeira:
- The Landscape!!
- Funchal
- Machico
- Monte
- Porto Moniz
- Porto Santo
- Ecological Park “Parque Ecologica“
- Ribeiro Frio Parque
- Pico do Areeiro
- Curral das Freiras
- Paul da Serra
- Botanical Gardens
- Museu da Arte Moderna
- Santana
- Cabo Girão
Santana house camara lobos

Scenery in Madeira

This archipelago is a real work of art and it seems like Mother Nature really gave it her best shot when she hand-crafted this destination. People who travel to Madeira should spend a lot of days outdoors because of all the wonders that the surroundings can offer.

The Madeira Walk is renowned not just within Europe but around the globe too, because of its picturesque beauty. It opens up to rich greenery and exposes pleasant trekking and hiking routes. As an added bonus, this path also goes through the Laurisilva Forest which has a rich flora and fauna. In 1999, UNESCO has even recognized the preserved forests as a world heritage.   

Witnessing the beauty that this island has to offer does not just end with taking walks and exploring the landscape. Holidays in Madeira are not complete without experiencing the touch of glistening water on the skin. Interestingly, the waters in this archipelago remain temperate all year round, all thanks to the regulated water flow of the Gulf Stream. So, aside from tourists, there are also numerous sea creatures which frequent the surrounding waters. Different species like dolphins, turtles and whales can be seen waddling in the waters of Madeira.

Landscape Madeira
Monte Madeira

City Exploration

Tourists usually arrive first in Funchal when they visit Madeira since it is the main capital. This may be considered as an urbane spot but it is amazing to see how modernity and tradition merged together in this place. Funchal is tattered with commercial establishments like restaurants, cafes, hotels, museums and other business establishment. However, the city still echoes the rich heritage of this place because of the olden architecture and quintessential charm that have been preserved. Its 500-year old history remains alive until today.

Funchal has made a name on its own since it is also recognized as one of the cleanest cities in all of Europe. This is such an achievement considering the fact that the harbor in this city is recognized as the leading Portuguese port which primarily functions as dock for cruise lines.

Digging Into the Community and Culture

With its Mediterranean climate, both locals and tourists have lots of opportunities to go out and enjoy the sun. During the day, tourists could enjoy trail walking, boat rides and island tours. As the darkness falls, the night spots are perfect for some fun-filled adventure with family and friends.

Because of its strategic location, this island is also the melting pot of delicious wine and sumptuous dishes, both local and international cuisine. There is a wide variety of fishes like blue fin tuna and white marlin. The Espetada, which is a meat dish is a must-try too.

Aside from their popular fortified Madeira wine that is made with neutral grape spirits, their local beer which is called Coral is also very popular.

Without a doubt, spending holidays in Madeira will not only unveil astounding sights. It will also be a gastronomic exploration.

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